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At Hobon, we are driven to exceed expectations, while at the same time discovering your creativity with both quality and safe solutions.

Our commitment to a business philosophy which encourages everyone to exceed, has enabled us to streamline our operations in order to become more efficient with our manpower and machine time. Our core characteristic in being innovative and to offer customized solutions has allowed us to stay on top of the market, develop and strengthen our strategic partnerships.

By always raising our service levels and providing realistic, complete solutions for our customers, we cement our long-term partnerships with benefits for everyone. Offering you start to finish solutions, enables you to not have to worry about any product issues occurring. 


Therefore, throughout the Hobon process, from creative liaison to final delivery, fromlab testing to final inspection, and at every stage in between, we are thinking aboutyou and your customer experience.

Let our specialists knowledge, experience and guidance allow you to achieving aheadache free and successful solution.