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Through strong capabilities in design, research, production and publication, Hobon can provide the best possible solutions in printing and packaging for all of our customers. Hobon's production capabilities are split into two main areas; paper printing and adhesive printing. Both facilities are located in Zhejiang, China and have a combined workforce of 450 workers.

Ningbo Facility

Our Ningbo facility covers an area of 18’000 square meters. It’s main areas of production are paper crafts, party accessories, stationeries and games. The facility is equipped with a variety of reliable and effective machinery that adds allows for high quality products. Machinery include a  4 Color Printer, an Automatic die cut Machine, an Automatic Lamination Roll Machine, three Paper Plate Presses and a PET Window Applier.

Wenzhou Facility

Our adhesive factory covers an area of 20’000 square meters. The facility have been producing adhesive products since it first established, and has since become one of the largest producers in this field in all of East China. The facility’s main areas of production are stickers, water tattoos and washi/ glitter tapes. Machinery include a 5-color Heidelberg fully-automated offset printing presses, 7-color Aspiresun UV rotary printing machine and a wide 7-color Fuji Rotogravure Printing Machine.